What Are The Requirements Of Becoming A Tax Attorney

A tax attorney is an attorney with specialized abilities or skill in taxation laws. Although he can also speak to customers regarding different aspects of the law, a tax attorney will be especially useful with regards to settling tax issues and issues.There are various out there with expert knowledge and advice, however, sometimes that advice and knowledge comes at a high cost

This occupation requires lawyers to understand tax laws to help clients deal with tax-related legal issues. The tax attorney can represent ordinary people to help analyze the tax returns. When a tax lawyer works for the IRS, the main goal is to identify people who are trying to avoid paying taxes owed by them. However, when the tax attorney represents a client against, the attorney will try to convince the IRS agents to revoke the claim or reduce the value of the claim. Below are qualifications for a good Riverside Tax attorney;

Undergraduate studies

If you are considering becoming a Riverside Tax attorney, you must make sure to complete your undergraduate degree. A tax lawyer can have any undergraduate degree and there is no specific undergraduate degree listed as a requirement.The majors in accounting, economics, business and finance are popular undergraduate choices chosen by budding lawyers. It is important to have good grades in your undergraduate degree. The grades have a major influence on your admission or rejection by law schools.

Law degree

With an undergraduate degree in hand, you can apply to be admitted to the law schools of the country. To become a lawyer, you will need to have a law degree from one of the nation’s approved law schools. There is no specialization in law schools for law. Nevertheless, you can opt for a variety of courses and familiarize yourself with tax topics.


Once you graduate from law school, you will need a license to practice the profession of lawyer. This license will be provided only after passing the bar exam for the state in which you intend to practice. The length of the bar exam will vary from two to three days depending on the state. You must take a bar exam course before you can sit for the bar exam. The duration of this course is usually six to eight weeks.Register as an agentIf you want to be a representative before the IRS and become a registered agent, you will need to complete the corresponding IRS program. This is a special three-part registration program designed by the IRS that will cover personal and business tax returns. To remain a registered agent, you will have to follow ethical standards and take 72 hours of classes once every three years.


There is no special certification required to practice as a lawyer. However, some lawyers get state certifications to allow them to present themselves as tax lawyers. To obtain this state certification, the lawyer must pass an exam. The other requirements are that the Riverside Tax attorney should have worked for a number of hours in tax law. Some states have specialized tax exams that lawyers can choose to improve their qualifications.