What to Expect From Teak Restoration Services

Teak furniture is known to be very durable, being able to last up to 70 years or more with little maintenance. However, exposure to the elements causes the wood to turn into a gray color. Some prefer this weathered look and don’t do something about it, but others do not.

If you are one of these individuals who prefer teak’s original appearance, you might be interested in getting teak restoration services from us, Teak and Deck Professionals. This article will give you an idea of what to expect from getting these services.

Teak Restoration Process

Restoring teak furniture is done in three steps – cleaning, sanding, and refinishing, which will be further discussed below.

Step #1: Cleaning

The restoration process begins by using a biodegradable cleaner to deep-clean the teak wood. Doing this eliminates discolorations caused by varnishes, stains, natural wear, or mold. The wood will also be sterilized, killing all mold spores present on the surface. Since we use biodegradable substances, expect your family, pets, and plants to be safe throughout the procedure.

Step #2: Sanding

Using fine-grit sandpapers ranging from 60-240 grit, we will begin sanding your furniture. The process of sanding gets rid of the weathered surface layer, revealing a texture similar to brand-new teak wood. Detailing equipment will then be used to smooth out the wood. In some cases, we do this by hand, especially for hard to reach areas.

Step #3: Refinishing

After this, the teak furniture’s surface will be primed through gentle cleaning once again. This is done to remove any leftovers or residue from the sanding process. Priming the surface is also necessary for the sealer to effectively bond to the surface and to prolong your furniture’s life.

Once the surface has completely dried, sufficient coats of premium, marine-grade teak sealant are applied to your teak furniture. The sealers we use are also available in many tones, ranging from clear, natural, honey, gold, and brown.

Where to Get Teak Restoration Services

Teak restoration is not a simple process. Through the years, we have perfected the task of restoring teak furniture to its former glory. Our team of professionals here at Teak and Deck has performed numerous projects on commercial properties with hundreds of teak furniture pieces, being able to successfully restore all of them. By choosing to work with us, you are guaranteed professional services at an affordable rate, whatever condition your teak might be in. Get a free quote today.… Read the rest